Anzacs behaving badly: Scott McIntyre and contested history

Sacked for tweeting remarks about Anzacs that are considered “inappropriate” and “disrespectful”? Let me try and put SBS sports journalist Scott McIntyre’s tweets in historical perspective. Over the Anzac Day weekend, McIntyre was fired from SBS for a series of tweets about the grimmer aspects of Australian military history.

Ah, social media. So powerful yet so dangerous. 

It upsets me that someone can get fired for being speaking out with the truth. Bringing truth to the attention of the general public should be the number one priority of reporters and journalists, no matter how negative the story may be. They certainly shouldn’t fear their jobs for reminding us of historical truth. Scott McIntyre did not say anything which wasn’t the truth and there isn’t anything wrong with that. 

Historically speaking then, McIntyre is not all that far off the mark, but he has been sacrificed on the altar of populist outrage.

People tend to believe what they want to believe. And anything that goes against popular opinion seems to be criticised far too heavily. 

As much as we’d all like to think the ANZAC’s were perfect little soldier boys who wouldn’t so much as step a toe out of line, this obviously wasn’t the case. So yes, they deserve our respect and remembrance but lets not put them too high on the pedestal. They are human after all, just like you and I. 

Lest We Forget.

via Mark