Today is the day that my flagship app, Daily Steps, surpassed 50,000 downloads.

I don’t usually share my app download numbers, but I’m especially proud of this one. Not only is it my most downloaded app, but the surge in downloads over the last 6 months is due to something so simple. I don’t market my app(s) other than the occasional Tweet and a lot of discovery comes from Google searches as well as organic searches on the App Store. But my decision to make a simple “Today” view Widget for Daily Steps was probably the best decision I’ve made for that app. It has since more than doubled the average daily downloads of the app.

While 50,000 overall downloads would be seen as small for some developers, it’s a proud achievement for me. I don’t develop full time. It’s a hobby and an interest which gets short spans of attention whenever I can find the time.

I’m very happy to have passed this milestone- it’s been a while in the making. Onwards to 100k!

Thank you to my users. You’re all awesome!

Daily Steps is available for download on the App Store here: https://itunes.apple.com/app/daily-steps/id720629415?mt=8