The month of June is here - we’re two days in, in fact - and I’m excited. It’s grown to become one of my favourite months. 

As much as I usually won’t say “x is my favourite y” or “I like orange more than black,” I’ve grown a certain fondness for the month of June. Here in Australia the weather begins to cool right down and as someone who enjoys the cold, I’m happy with that. Typically June is a period where I have very little work to do for school, this year notwithstanding as it’s HSC year. 

There are always a few parties towards the end of the month, as birthdays start to roll around – including plenty of big eighteenths this year. 

It’s the time of the year where teams begin to cement their place for the year on the NRL ladder. My team, the mighty Dragons, have begun this month in top spot - a position I hope they can keep right through to the end of the season with the potential reward of a premiership win. But more on that later. There’s also at least one and sometimes two State of Origin matches throughout June – Up the NSW Blues! Furthermore, there tends to be a few decent movies which are released in June as a result of the Northern Hemisphere, in particular the United States, beginning their Summer holiday period. 

Lastly, and possibly the most exciting event of June, is one which I’ve only cared about for the last four years and that is Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC). One year I hope to be able to attend, but that’s not the focus of today’s post. WWDC is exciting to me for many reasons, but mainly because I simply loving seeing the cool stuff announced by Apple at the event. I’ve come to expect the announcement of new features for major operating systems - mainly iOS and OS X - and I find the temptation of new betas exciting, even though I won’t always install them. The announcement of new API’s for me as a developer is always fascinating, and last year in particular was exciting as I got to work immediately on a “Today View” widget for my app Daily Steps. Following the progression of Apple’s software development from June through September/October is always an interesting journey. Not to mention the excitement around reading Tweets, blog posts and listening to Podcasts recorded live from WWDC, which are the result of the collaboration of many of the people I respect most in the technology reporting and journalism industry. 

As the excitement builds for WWDC, you can sure bet I’ll be awakening shortly before 3 am next Tuesday morning to watch the WWDC Keynote live from my chilly bedroom and I’ll be filled to the brim with kiddish excitement. Sorry, I just can’t help it! 

So begins June of 2015. It’s going to be a great month.