Schedule sleep on your calendar

No seriously, do it.

After listening to Episode 24 of the increasingly excellent Cortex Podcast with Myke Hurley and CGP Grey, in which Grey explains his calendaring philosophy, I laughed and ruled Grey out as crazy for having dedicated “sleep” entries on his calendar.

A routine/schedule for sleep? You’ve got to be kidding- no one needs that!

Not sure why, but I decided to try it out. The result? It worked. Having a schedule and sticking to it seems to work. I no longer say, “Just 5 more minutes of this Podcast, or one more Twitter search.” It’s now a matter of, “oh sleep is next on my calendar, I’d better adhere to that.”

It’s not a magical solution and there’s no guarantee that you’re going be able to stick to it just because it appears on your calendar, but I would urge anyone who feels their sleep could do with a bit more routine to try it out- or else you’ll never know if there’s method to CGP Grey’s madness.