pebble time

Pebble Time - First impressions!

So… about two hours ago my Pebble Time arrived! It’s an early-bird Kickstarter model, and I’m thrilled.

I hope to write up a full blog post / review of it in the coming weeks once I’ve spent more time with it, but here are my first impressions:

- Noticeably smaller than the original Pebble

- It feels heavier (it might not be, maybe it’s just more dense) 

- It looks nice. Yes, you can argue that the original Pebble looked awkwardly large and clunky, but this is certainly not the case with Pebble Time. It’s slimmer, with a curved ergonomic design which makes it not only look nice but feel comfortable on the wrist. 

- The watch strap/band is amazing. Seriously. It’s night and day between the original Pebble band and this… it’s super soft and smooth. It rivals the Apple Watch Sport band for comfort.

- Finally, the colour screen is nice. It does look a bit washed out when the backlight is on and you’re viewing it indoors but for what it is (a colour, e-paper display) it exceeds my expectations. Not to mention that even though the screen is technically the same DPI, it looks a lot sharper due to the colour. I didn’t expect this, so it was a nice surprise. 

A three month gap between ordering it and it arriving seems awfully lengthy, but I won’t go on about that now. I’m happy with it so far- it looks and feels good. I will write further with thoughts on the new hardware, software and features, as well as everything else Pebble Time has to offer. 

Bye for now.  

Below are some more photos of the Pebble Time: