The new

In short, it’s bad. I’m not even going to go into how the whole site is now an infinite scroller, and there are no “distinct” article pages anymore… 

On a 13″ screen, which I imagine the majority of Mac readers are reading the site on (simply because the 13″ MacBook Air is Apple’s best selling Mac today), hardly any content is visible when loading the page for the first time. 


The above screenshot was taken on my 13″ MacBook Pro, which has a display height of 800 pixels. Note the annotations above, 67% of my screen is taken up with useless stuff, of which a huge banner ad is salient. Underneath that, only 1/3 of my screen is left to show semi-useful “content”, while only half of the title of the most recent article is show. This is disappointing, and is terrible for user experience. I go to 9to5mac to read their most recent articles, and I shouldn’t have to scroll into the unknown before I reach the “content” I cant to seek. 

As a long time reader who visits the site nearly everyday, I’m disappointed. As far as functionality is concerned, the old site worked perfectly. Sure, design improvements are nice, but there’s a way to implement them without ruining a websites core experience. 

Overall, I’m disappointed and hope 9to5mac will take the feedback they’re getting and work on improving the “new” site.