WWDC Day 2

First day of “sessions.” There isn’t too much to say about today. I mean, it was super awesome and I had an awesome time, but there isn’t much that anyone who isn’t me would find interesting.

I decided to have a fairly easy day today, fresh off of a long day of lining up for Keynotes. Fortunately the alarm didn’t go off until 7:45, but I’m pretty sure I snoozed until just after 8. This left me in a rush to get ready, but the extra sleep was definitely worth it! After having looked through the list of todays sessions and labs last night on the WWDC app, enough sessions (six, in fact) interested me enough to ensure I didn’t book any labs or consultations today, and instead stuck to the session talks. It was worth it, as most were super interesting.

For the record, I attended:
- What’s New in Swift
- Introducing Apple File System (*ding*)
- iMessage Apps and Stickers, Part 1 (bring on Part 2!)
- What’s New in tvOS (fairly boring, unfortunately)
- How iOS Security Really Works (This was absolutely fantastic)
- What’s New in watchOS 3 (can’t wait to start working with it)

The whole conference vibe fascinated me today. It was absolutely amazing to walk around and see hundreds, if not thousands, of other developers coding away on their MacBook Pro, which is something I’m not used to seeing others do. The sheer number of people inside of Moscone was exciting. And just so you know, I’m that young guy in sessions taking notes with pen and paper.

Dinner was in a nice location tonight, as I went down to Pier 39 with mum to an Italian style restaurant. Had I been 21 or older, I would’ve been at The Talk Show Live with John Gruber and special guests Phil Schiller and Craig Federighi which sounds amazing! Gruber always nails it with guests for the WWDC episode of that show, and it sounds as though tonights show was no exception. I’m looking forward to listening once it’s been edited and released.

Fun fact of the day: I found this out in one of the sessions - pre-Touch ID on the iPhone only 49% of users locked their device with a passcode. Since the introduction of Touch ID, that figure has risen to nearly 90%.

Tomorrow’s agenda: Up early to book some lab time in, there’s a couple I’ve got my eye on. On the way to Moscone I will stop at Bluebottle Cafe - a place I haven’t tried so far this week. It seems as though other Aussies like the coffee there, so I’ll have to give it a go. The plan for the afternoon is to attend a few sessions, followed by a Dub Dub “party” in the form of a panel discussion. Unfortunately most of the after-hours events require you to be 21, so I had better attend what I can.