WWDC Day 4

Fourth day of the conference today and things continued as per usual during the day. I’m spending these last couple of days trying to talk to/meet as many people as possible and that began this morning going down the elevator on my way to the conference. The man in there was also on his way, and we spoke the whole 10 or so minute walk to Moscone West.

In between sessions today, I hung out in the scholars lounge as much as possible talking those those I hadn’t yet met. Even ended up meeting another fellow Aussie and a Kiwi scholar who were great to talk to. Adding to the list, I met up with the creator of the incredibly popular “Heart Watch” app, who is also Australian. We had a good chat about his app and lots of other things. From there, I found myself talking to even more Aussies. This time in a group, and most of them were from Melbourne. It was a bonus to make a contact with the person in charge of Developer Relations in Australia.

The most exciting part of the day was the annual WWDC Bash. Held at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium this year, thousands of developers filled the hall waiting to watch Good Charlotte perform. Now, Good Charlotte are one of my favourite bands so I was very excited however I didn’t expect many others to be. Securing front row seats (or front-row standing room, I should say) was a huge bonus, and resulted in awesome photographs and a few great videos. It was fun to be so close to watch such a great band play live - a definite highlight of the trip so far! Now what I didn’t expect was how crazy the rest of the crowd were. Granted, most of the developers in the room stood around passively watching the show but there were some going a little crazy up near the front. Both Joel and Benji from the band made plenty of cheesy developer-target jokes that were very entertaining and got the crowd warmed up. My favourite would have to be Benji’s one-liner: “The guys at the Genius Bar are just wannabes compared to you.”

Fun fact of the day: It’s crazy, but the hardest I’ve ever “moshed” is now officially with a bunch of developers. Totally unexpected, right?

Tomorrow’s agenda: It’s the last day of WWDC. Haven’t quite planned the sessions and labs I’ll be going to yet, but I aim to spend a full day at Moscone West (from 9am-6pm), making the most of every second.