WWDC Day 5

As I write this, WWDC16 has officially come to an end. It’s been one crazy ride, and one that I will never forget. Thanks to everyone who made it so great, from the staff at Apple, to the fellow attendees and scholars. Everyone I’ve met this week has been approachable and great to talk to. The advantage of being in a building with thousands of other geeks with a common interest is that there’s always something to talk about, and fortunately others seemed to agree. I’ve met so many unique and friendly individuals this week, and they helped make this week as incredible as it was.

Today was the sixth day of socialising with fellow scholars, and yet I still met so many that I hadn’t seen up until this point. Continuing with the trend of being as social as possible, I enjoyed an afternoon coffee with a designer at Apple as well as an iOS developer at Twitter - both of whom used to live in Australia and have since moved over to California with their families. It was rather interesting to hear their stories and experiences.

I have to say, the coolest part of the day was meeting and chatting with CGP Grey in person. I’d seen some Tweets during the week about him hanging around the conference, but due to his mysterious nature didn’t expect to run into him. I won’t say much, apart from his voice is as cool in real life as in his videos and podcasts, and most importantly he’s a SUPER awesome dude. Grey couldn’t have been more friendly and was happy to hold a conversation, which I appreciated.

It was sad this afternoon to have to say goodbye to all the great people I’ve spent the week interacting with, but with social media technology (thanks, developers!) it’s easier than ever to keep in touch. It’s been an exciting, action-packed week and I am looking forward to attending WWDC again sometime in the future - at which time I’ll hopefully be able to meet everyone again.

Fun fact of the day: CGP Grey is, in fact, not a robot.

Tomorrow’s agenda: Hopefully sleep in, before packing, taking one last walk around San Francisco, then heading to the airport for a 17-hour journey back to Sydney.

Bye for now!