WWDC Student Scholarship - 2016

I love the world of technology. I love the world of technology so much so that I got into programming a few years ago and as a result now have a few apps on the App Store. Those who know me know I’m really proud of one app in particular. 


As I’ve been a high school student for the last few years, I’ve never been able to take time out of school in June to attend WWDC. Well, I suppose that’s only part of the reason. The other part is that I’ve never had the finances to do so. 

After some thought, I’ve decided I will apply for a student scholarship for WWDC in 2016. Yes, that’s a year away. WWDC 2015 hasn’t yet happened so I am getting a bit ahead of myself. And no, this probably isn’t a good reason to be writing a blog post. But I am, simply because the thought excites me. 

For years I’ve wanted to attend WWDC, and knowing there’s a possibility that I might next year makes me very excited. I’m aware the chances of winning a student scholarship are slim, but it’s the only way I’d be able to afford to go.

Even if I don’t win a scholarship to WWDC, there’s a chance I’d go just to witness the keynote and to hang out with all the cool people in the industry who attend. It would be an absolute pleasure and thrill to meet people whose work I read and listen to on a daily basis, and whom I admire so much. 

So because I felt like writing about something tonight, I’m posting this. It’s nothing definite, but still remains an open possibility at this point and that’s good enough for me. 

Meanwhile… bring on WWDC 2015!