Daily Steps

Daily Steps is an iOS app I've developed for a few years now. I like to think of it as glorified step counting, and it's my playground for all new iOS features. While the app itself is quite a basic concept, it has always been quick to adopt new iOS and Apple technologies including widgets, 3D Touch, an iMessage app, and an Apple Watch app, glance, and complication.

My work on Daily Steps resulted in Apple awarding me a scholarship to attend their World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) in San Francisco in June of 2016.


iOS app

Daily Steps is first and foremost an iOS app for checking your step count throughout the day - anytime, anywhere at a glance. Both the native iOS app and Notification Centre widget allow you to do this on your iPhone. 

iMessage app 3.jpg

iMessage app

The Daily Steps iMessage app allows you to share your step count with friends in a fun, customisable way. Want to make your friends jealous of all the steps you're taking? This is the best way to do that. 


Apple Watch app

The wrist is a perfect place to check your step count, and with new watchOS features such as background app refresh and complications, staying on top of your step count has never been easier.