HeartMonitor Privacy Policy

By using HeartMonitor, you agree to the terms set out in this privacy policy. It applies to any and all data collected by HeartMonitor. The privacy policy may change over time, and the most recent policy can be viewed here. 


HeartMonitor reads heart rate data from HealthKit. This data is collected from both a user’s iPhone, Apple Watch, or any other device that writes data to HealthKit. HeartMonitor does not write heart rate data to HealthKit.

The ability for HeartMonitor to read this data is opt-in only, and you will be presented with a screen requesting access upon the first launch of the application.

This health data is used for display-only purposes and is never modified by HeartMonitor. It is your data, and it is not stored nor transmitted beyond your device. At any time you can delete a "session" recorded by HeartMonitor in the application, and also remove the heart rate data from your device entirely by removing it from your HealthKit database.

HeartMonitor takes no responsibility for this data. Accuracy is not ensured, nor is the persistence of the data. The data displayed is to be used only as a guide. It is up to you to ensure your HealthKit data is backed up as required.


No analytics or user data is collected by HeartMonitor, other than anonymised opt-in data provided by Apple. There is no third-party analytics or tracking code used by HeartMonitor.


If you have any questions or would like to clarify something, feel free to send an email by following this link.

This privacy policy was last updated 4th March, 2018.