Updating Your App for iOS 13

At /dev/world/2019 in Melbourne, Australia, I spoke about the changes necessary to get your app ready for iOS 13. Using the example of Petty, a side project of mine, as an example application.

The talk didn't stop at iOS 13, also covering indepedent watch apps in watchOS 6, and bringing the app to the Mac with Catalyst API's.

A recording will be made available shortly. You can download the Keynote slides here.


Supercharge Your App with Siri Shortcuts

My first conference talk, at /dev/world/2018 in Melbourne, Australia, was about Siri Shortcuts - an extension of the SiriKit API on iOS allowing developers to integrate parts of their app with Siri.

This talk covers what Siri Shortcuts are, how and why they make sense to adopt in your app, and includes an example of how to implement Shortcuts and Suggestions in your iOS and watchOS app.

A recording of the talk is available here. You can download the Keynote slides here.


Parallel Testing in Xcode 10

A shorter talk at the CocoaHeads meetup in Sydney, this talk covered the basics of the new parallel testing features in Xcode 10, and is largely based off of this blog post.

Sadly, the talk was not about bacon.

Sadly, the talk was not about bacon.

Playgrounds Conference Lightning Talk ⚡️

My first speaking opportunity was at Playgrounds in Melbourne, Australia. Here I presented a 5-minute lightning talk on the topic of creativity.

You can read more about the contents of the talk in the summary blog post I wrote about it.