Real Time Petrol Prices for NSW

Petty is an iOS and Android app that helps NSW drivers find petrol nearby. It's useful for when you're in an unknown location, or when you just want to check the price of petrol at the local service station up the road. 

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Accurate, real time data

Petty stands out by using the most accurate data, collected by the NSW government and updated in real time as stations around the state change their prices at the pump.

Customise Petty

Using your current location, Petty will show nearby stations, sorted by either price or distance. Set your preferred type of petrol to only show those prices. As a premium user, Petty will remember these preferences and only show you what's relevant to you.


For iOS and Android

Petty is available as a free download on both the App Store and Google Play Store.

More information

Read more about Petty in the introductory blog post I wrote.

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