Petty 1.1

Today, the first major update to Petty (v1.1) goes live today on both the App Store and Google Play Store. It introduces a search feature - you can now search for any station in NSW, view its price list, and get directions. There's also a new Today Widget, and Apple Watch app for iOS users. The update also intentionally coincides with the public release of iOS 11, as it adopts some of the new iOS 11 design trends. Mainly the large title/navigation bars.

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I was reluctant to adopt the new navigation bars, as I'm not a fan of the look, but after seeing iPhone X and how they blend in on that display, I became more convinced it's the right choice. It's also just a good general rule to follow the design patterns of the platform you're designing for.


Search, it's here! Ideally, this would've made it into v1.0, but I ran out of time. It can't be more straightforward to use. There's a search bar up the top of the app on iOS, or a search button on Android. Use it to search for petrol stations in NSW. Analyse the results to your heart's content.

Today Widget.png

If you're a widget person, there's now one for you on iOS. Petrol prices, they're everywhere. Why not, right? You can access the expanded version from Notification Centre, which shows you the closest station and its full price list. The smaller version, which can be accessed by 3D Touch-ing the Petty app icon on your home screen, just shows you the closest station, its distance, and address. There's no room for a price list there.

Apple Watch.png

Do you wear a shiny computer on your wrist? If so, this update is for you. Petty now has an Apple Watch app. It will show you the nearest station, its distance, and its address. You also get the option to view the station on a map. That is all. I can't label the station, give it any other metadata, nor can you interact with the map. If you want directions, you'll be booted to the Maps app on the Watch. Unfortunately, that is a current limitation of showing maps on the Apple Watch. Hopefully, it changes in the future. This feature may be especially useful if you've got, or are getting, a fancy new Apple Watch with a red circle on the crown. If you do, that means you've got a watch with a cellular connection. You don't even need your phone to find petrol - how cool is that? It's almost as though I preempted the lack of need to carry your phone around while driving and running errands. I am, however, definitely overestimating how keen you are to know petrol prices. Moving on.

Actually, there's nothing to move on to. That's it for this update. I hope you like it. There will be more to come in the future. Let me know what you think.

Like the look of Petty? Download it here for free.

If you're a fan, maybe tell your friends, and then drop a 5-star review for Petty on the App Store and Google Play, it's appreciated. For more updates, you can follow me on Twitter - @zachsimone - where I'll sometimes post previews and sneak peeks.

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