Petty 2.1

The iOS version of Petty, my app for displaying real-time petrol prices in the state of New South Wales, was updated to v2.1 today.

The full release notes for this version are as follows:

* Adds additional Siri Shortcut for showing the real-time price at a given station. This will show up as a suggested Shortcut around iOS where it's relevant, and can also be added to Siri and can be accessed with your voice. This can be done by tapping the "Add to Siri" button at the bottom of the screen when looking at the prices for a particular station. Please note, this feature requires Petty Premium to be unlocked for it to work.
* Updates to the design of the station view - the map takes up more space and is more of a priority on this screen.
* Improved error handling if an attempt to buy the in-app purchase to unlock Petty Premium was unsuccessful.
* Updated icon on Apple Watch.
* Updates display name of Petty widget.
* Added app version and build number to the bottom of the Settings page.
* Lots of other small bug fixes and improvements throughout the app.

I'm most excited about the additional shortcut. There are now a few things you can do with Siri Shortcuts inside of Petty - such finding out the prices at a particular station, or having Petty find the nearest or cheapest petrol around. This is especially handy if you're driving, can't look at or touch your iPhone, and need to use Siri hands-free to interact with your iPhone.

I didn't write on this blog about the initial Siri features when I added them back in September, so consider this a belated introductory post. I'm pretty happy with how the shortcuts work in Petty, and I hope you enjoy using them just as much.

Petty is available on the App Store as a free download, with a one time in-app purchase to unlock Premium mode.