November 2015

Twenty five days in and I’m starting to reflect upon the month. Having had only a brief moment to think about November of this year, I realise it’s whizzed past remarkably quickly - certainly in an unordinary way. A lot of that can be attributed to a major routine change which began at the end of October. I feel as though it’s pretty safe to say November of 2015 has been the busiest month of my life and perhaps I could go so far as to say it’s been the best month of my life. If it isn’t the best, it’s way up there. (I have been to Disneyland - albeit not for longer than a week - so perhaps it’s second to that.)

Why am I writing this? I’m not so sure. Perhaps I just want to document how much I’ve enjoyed the month that has nearly past. Maybe I’ve enjoyed it so much I felt compelled to comment on it. Or possibly I’m just going a bit loopy, here at 1:45am as I reflect. Anyway if you made it this far… Thanks for reading and I hope November 2015 was as kind to you as it was to me. Here’s to a more relaxed, but just as enjoyable December!